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       Tim Hern was born in western Pennsylvania and began singing at the age of ten. Being influenced by a family rich in the entertainment industry, his vocal abilities were encouraged wholeheartedly. At the age of fifteen Tim discovered the acoustic guitar and has been playing it ever since. In the early 1980's Tim was featured vocalist for several local Phoenix based bands before taking a break from music to raise a family.

        In 1996 Tim teamed up with Leslie Gray as B.O.A.A. (Brothers Of An Art) an acoustic duo. They play all around the Phoenix Metro area in clubs, restaurants and for private events and parties. They have had many band projects under the name Gray Matter and finally arrived on the universal name SOULCATCHER.

        Tim has always had a place in his heart for the Broadway Stage and Jazz Standards. His Grandfather, John Robert Rutledge, played and danced with his second cousin Gene Kelly when they were children. Mary Kelly moved in with Tim’s Grandfathers father and helped raised Tim’s Grandfathers Siblings when Tim’s Grandfathers mother died. Gene lived with his Grandmother Mary Kelly during summers on occasion in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and Tim's grandfather and Gene were very close. His Grandfather Rutledge, like so many early vaudeville performers, found himself working for a living to raise a family instead of pursuing a career in entertainment. Tim's mother Pat, took years of ballet and tap lessons from Louise Kelly (Gene Kelly's sister) and Bill Bailey ( Louise's husband and Gene's brother-in-law, who was in many of Gene's movies). She always participated in local community theatre to help raise money for charities where ever they lived. She was the Sanitary Dairy's ice cream women on live local WJAC TV in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in the sixties during Tim's early years.

SOULCATCHER was a 22 year music partnership between Tim Hern and Leslie Gray which resulted in a premier blues and blues driven rock acoustic duo and many bands which ended in 2016 with Leslie Gray moving to San Diego to start a new life with the lovely Sharon May.  

Tim currently has many projects with some of the best world class performers in the Phoenix Metro Area. Tim’s Musical Director Raul Yanez along with Tim, put together fine nights of music for your event needs. We perform for Concerts, Conventions, Festivals, Country Clubs, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, Grand Openings, Picnics, Tailgate Parties, Birthday Celebrations, TV, Radio and General Entertainment Events. Performing original compositions and cover song shows. Tim can help you provide world class entertainment for your entertainment needs. Check out my website www.timhernentertainment.com for local show schedules for all the different projects.

There are some original music recording projects on the horizon. Keep an eye out for them on www.timhernentertainment.com for links to this music.

Thanks so much for visiting my website and support great live music everywhere you go by choosing to patronize establishments who have live entertainment!

   Home Tim Hern Bio Shows Available

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